Adding external WMS, WMTS and WFS layers

To add external WMS, WMTS and WFS layers to your Drive and to your maps, you may follow these simple steps:

1. Open the ‘My Drive’ pane on the left side of the viewer and click on ‘External layers’ at the bottom.

2. Select the type of web service that you would like to connect to.

3. Copy/paste the link into the open field.

4. select the layer you would like to connect to from the drop down.

5. Give your new external layer a name.

6. Now the layer has been added to the ‘External layer’ folder in your Drive. You can click the menu to the right to add the layer to the ‘Base layers’ pane of the project your are working in.

7. You can uncouple the external layer from the ‘Base layers’ pane by clicking the uncouple icon to the right.

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