How to import layers

After having created a project (click here to learn how), it is possible to start importing data layers from other drive projects that you own or that you have access to.

To do this, you navigate to the viewer/editor of your project and click ‘Import layer’ at the bottom left of your screen. Now you can search all the projects that are available to you across these tabs: ‘My projects’, ‘Shared with me’, ‘Favorites’ and ‘Community’.

After making your selection and clicking ‘add’ you can tick the newly imported layer on and enjoy a simultaneous view with any other data that you chose to upload or import.

To read more about how and when to use ‘Imported layers’, click here.

Tip: If you import vector layers into a Map project or vise versa, you unlock the ability to start adding points, lines and polygons to mark out areas of interest or other relevant insights. 



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