How to register a new account

To register a new Ellipsis Drive account, you click the ‘sign up’ button on the website. This button takes you to the drive interface. Here you can click ‘register’ at the center of your screen.



Now you are asked for some personal details, such as username, a password and an email address. Note that your username will be visible for other users and that you can couple only one account per email address. 



After you have filled out your details, you will receive a verification email on the address that you provided. Make sure to click the link in this email to confirm your registration and to check your spam folder in case it got redirected there.

Now you are a registered Ellipsis Drive user!

To learn how you can create your first project here.

Why do I need to register an Ellipsis Drive account?

As a (non-registered) public user, you have less capabilities when using Ellipsis Drive. When you don’t have an account, you can’t be invited to join maps, edit or comment under your registered name, or host maps of your own. As a registered user you can be invited to join maps, make edits and comments, and host content of your own.

Is having an Ellipsis Drive account a paid service?

No. Your account is free. Ellipsis Drive is only a paid service for users who host content of their own.

Want to know more about different user types? Learn more here.

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