User groups

Aside from setting the public visibility of your project (learn more about this here), you can choose to share your content with specific people by inviting them to join a user group. You can differentiate in permissions and access rights for each group that you create.

For each user group you control:

  • Its members
  • Their access level
  • Whether they pay a monthly fee
  • Whether people can self-subscribe
  • Actions per minute
  • Coming soon: The geographic bounds to which members are limited 

To add new members to a user group, you search users by their username. Once added, the user receives an email notification that informs them about the parameters of the invite (i.e. the project name, project owner, permissions, actions per minutes, and possible cost). The email also includes a link to accept the terms an go straight to the project.

When a monthly fee is due, Ellipsis Drive with substracts it from the member’s account and transfers it to the account of the project owner. If the member has insufficient balance, they are notified and become blocked for the time being.

When users are able to self-subscribe it means that they can join a user group without needing to be invited. As such they find your data in the community library, accept monthly payments, and access the data without further interference from the project owner.

The number of actions per minute relates to how user group is throttled in their intensity of use. Learn more about actions per minute here.


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