Visibility settings

As the owner of a project you can decide who can find and access to your data, and what permissions they have. You can set these visibility preferences in the ‘General‘ tab in Settings.

Under ‘Visibility’ you find two switches that can turn public searchability and public accessibility on or off. There are four different settings you can go with:

1. Public searchability & accessibility are turned on: Now your project is ‘public‘. Anyone is able to search for your content in the community library and gain access by clicking into the project.



2. Public searchability is turned off & public accessibility is turned on: Now you have a ‘link sharing‘ project. Anyone with the correct link (URL, WMTS, WMS, or WFS) has access to your data, but your project can’t be found via the community library.



3. Public searchability is turned on & public accessibility is turned off: Now you project your project is ‘subscribable‘. People are able to find your content when searching the community library but need to request access before being able to view or use it.



4. Public searchability & public accessibility are turned off: Now your project is ‘private‘. You projects only be found and accessed by people you have personally invited. To learn more about this, click here.



When your project is set to ‘Public’, ‘Link Sharing’ or ‘Subscribable’, you also get to choose to the permissions of people with access. Such as viewing visualizations, adding geometries, or full admin rights.


Note: when you are using Ellipsis Drive as a representative of an enterprise account, you are able to make a project completely private and you are also able to have users who request access to your content pay a one-off or a monthly fee. Learn more here.


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