Actions per minute

The number of actions per minute per user groups relates to how they are throttled in their intensity of use of the data you make available in your projects. Actions per minute rack up when making requests to the API. As all Ellipsis Drive endpoints are build on top of the API, the use of each one them feeds the amount of actions per minute. Therefore the intensity of use via each endpoint can also be throttled. When intensively using the web-viewer/editor, running a script, downloading data, or querying the API directly, actions per minute are generated. Actions per minute are being tracked because they create computing cost on the server side. Ellipsis Drive enables you to throttle users in order to make sure that the available bandwidth if fairly divided by everyone.

Note: Actions per minutes do not influence your Ellipsis Drive fee. The fee is completely storage based. So no surprises when your project is being used a lot.


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