Connecting webservice to QGIS and ArcGIS

At Ellipsis Drive we aim to make our error messages as actionable as possible, by explaining what went wrong and how to avoid this.

When using Ellipsis Drive content in external applications by leveraging the drive-generated OGC links, we can’t control how errors are being fed to users. QGIS and ArcGIS tend to give rather generic errors. This can make it difficult to understand what’s going wrong when connecting with webservices.

Here is a short list of things that may be going wrong as you seek to activate drive content in QGIS or ArcGIS software.

1. Password and username

A password and username may be required to connect your software to the webservice. When a project is not ‘public’ or not set to ‘link sharing’ (read more on this here), you need to provide your credentials in the ‘authentication’ field before being able to load the web services.

If your credentials do not seem to work, make sure you are using the right username/password combination. You can always check whether your credentials are valid by logging into Ellipsis Drive directly. Forgot your password? No, sweat. Go to the Ellipsis Drive login screen, click ‘forgot password’ and follow the steps.

2. Swap X and Y in ArcGIS

As an exception, Esri software swaps X and Y coordinates in OGC protocols. So, in order to establish a valid connection, you need to swap them. Click here to see how.

3. Add ?request=getCapabilities&service=WFS

Some versions of Esri software require you to add this extension to the OCG link that you copied from the drive:

Just copy the webservice link you aim to connect and add the corresponding extension as listed above.

3. Make sure your license allows for webservice connections

Not every Esri license allows for easy webservice integration, so make sure the license under which you operate allows you to establish webservice connections.

If your current Esri license does not support this, you can ask your administrator for next steps. If you do not feel like upgrading, we would like to recommend trying QGIS instead.


Still having issues?

If the trouble shooting above did not help you, it is time to dig deeper:

For support questions in QGIS, visit:

For support questions in ArcGIS Pro, visit:

For support questions in ArcGIS Online, visit:


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