Data Hosting

Ellipsis Drive leverages the Google Cloud Platform for hosting the data.
Currently, the spatial data uploaded to Ellipsis Drive can be hosted at one of the below locations.
📌 Saint-Ghislai, Belgium
📌 Sydney, Australia
In order to comply to regional security conventions or to have the fast processing of the spatial data, the data host location can be changed. Click here to see how it can be done.
NOTE: When moving your data from one location to another, new privacy, security and risk management certifications may apply to adhere to local standards.
Click here to check which compliance offerings apply to your location of choice.
How can I know the server location of my Layer?
Go to the Layer Settings
Click on Change Host Location
The location marked in GREEN is the host location of your layer
How can I change the server location of my map?
Click here to learn how you can change the data host location.