♻️Backup and recovery

Simple recovery of user data

When a user removes data by accident he or she can still recover this him/herself from the personal trash. All delete actions of Ellipsis Drive require a soft delete and then a hard delete. This gives some room for manauvre of individual users. When a user accidentely empties his or her trash the data can still easily be recovered using the main dashboard see . Only after 2 months data is truly fully deleted from the Drive.

Recovery on the system level

In case data is fully deleted from Ellipsis Drive or in case of emergencies data can still be recovered on the system level.

In case of an Ellipsis Drive hosted instance

In a tenant construction in which your private instance is hosted by Ellipsis Drive, backup and recovery are taken care of by the Ellipsis Drive team. Backups are kept for 4 months and are made every day.

Backups are stored on 2 different locations separate from your instance. Keep in mind that recovery can take 2 to 3 hours to complete.

In case of a self hosted instance

In case you are hosting your Ellipsis Drive instance yourself you need to make backups and manage these backups yourself!

There are 4 nodes in the system that need backups

  • The file storage node

  • The main metadata storage

  • The activated raster data storage pool

  • The activated vector data storage pool

The activated raster and vector data storage pools can in principle be recreated from the file storage, but we nevertheless recommend you to backup these components in order to be able to quickly restore the system.


In case you wish to restore the system to a previous state you need to replace the disks of all of the nodes with a backed up version. When this is done you need to restart all API's you have running so that all cache databases are cleared.

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