2. Create your first Layer

What is a Layer?

Data layers are the units of spatial content you organize in folders.
You can create layers to host your data. These layers can be of type RASTER or VECTOR. We refer to these types as Raster Layer and Vector Layer.

How can I create a new Layer?

NOTE: To create a new layer you need to be a registered user. Click here to see how to create a new account!

To create your first Layer:

1️⃣ Click on NEW >> NEW LAYER in the top left corner of your screen
2️⃣ Select the type (Raster or Vector)
3️⃣ Give it a unique name and click on CREATE LAYER
Now, you have successfully created a layer
. The next thing to do is go to the FILE MANAGER to upload your spatial data to the layer. 💡Don't forget to style your data and set permissions for the people you are sharing your layer with.
To learn how to organize your layers, check out the next article!