Transferring spatial data

Transferring ownership of your layers is similar to inviting someone to join a user group.
To transfer ownership:
1️⃣ Navigate to the DANGER ZONE in the GENERAL tab
2️⃣ Click on TRANSFER OWNERSHIP, select a username and confirm the transfer.
Now the prospective owner receives an email notification that informs them about the transfer and includes a link to accept the terms. After clicking this link your admin rights are transferred to the new owner.
NOTE: The danger zone is called the DANGER ZONE because actions executed here are irreversible.
All other changes in your drive are being logged so you may revisit old versions or revert the edits made by other users. In other words, outside of the danger zone, all changes can be recalled.
Did you make a transfer or complete a delete that you want to reverse? No sweat. Just contact our team for support.