Sharing Folders & Layers

You can decide who can search and access your data and what operations they are allowed to perform over it. You can share individual layers as well as the entire folder with your audience and set the access as you see fit.
The table below lists all the available statuses that a FOLDER or a LAYER can have.
Anyone can search and access your content in the community library.
You can also share the content by sharing the link.
Your layers and folders can only be found and accessed by people you have personally invited.
Include in Library
Anyone can search your layers in the community library but they need to request access before being able to view or use it.
Link Sharing
Anyone with the correct link can access your layers and folders but it can't be found in the community library.

Which account and sharing status meets my needs?

The matrix below will help you to choose the correct account and sharing status as per your needs.
To learn about access levels click here.