9. Import data layers to your map
After creating a map (click here to learn how), you can start importing data layers from other maps that you have access to. This way you can import different data layers and data types to build the desired view of your data in 2D and 3D.
To do this, follow these simple steps
1️⃣ Navigate to the viewer of your map and go to the BROWSE pane.
2️⃣ Browse the desired map and click on ADD TO MAP.
3️⃣ Navigate to the LAYERS pane and you will find the newly imported layer(s) at the top of the list of layers.
4️⃣ Once you are done with importing layers to the map don't forget to click SAVE LAYERS to save the changes made to the map in the existing session.
πŸ‘‰ To read more about when to use Imported layers, click here.
If you import vector layers into a raster map or vice versa, you unlock the ability to start adding points, lines, and polygons to mark out areas of interest or other relevant insights.
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