🌍Adding third party layer

To add Third Party Layer / External Layer (WMS, WMTS and WFS) to your maps, you may follow these simple steps πŸ‘‡

1️⃣ Go to LAYERS >> BROWSE in the viewer sidebar

2️⃣ Under Base Layers, click on ADD EXTERNAL LAYER button

3️⃣ Select the desired web service from the dropdown.

4️⃣ Type or paste the link into the URL text box and click on NEXT button.

5️⃣ Select the layer you would like to connect to from the dropdown, give your new third party layer a display name and click on the ADD EXTERNAL LAYER button.

Now the layer has been added at the bottom of the list in the BASE LAYERS section. Click on the ADD TO MAP icon to add this third party layer to your map.

After adding the layer, you can go to the MAP LAYERS and observe that third party layer is added to the top of the layers. You can click on BOOKMARK VIEW to save the current view.

Below we have added a list of the openly available third party layer that you might like! Do you know other layers we should add to this list? Don't hesitate to let us know on info@ellipsis-drive.com or our socials!

Switch the tabs for WMTS, WMS, WFS URLs.

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