Based on the respective benefits of using Ellipsis Drive as an Instance SaaS or using Ellipsis Drive as a Private Deployment, you may come to the conclusion that your organisation is best served with the latter (if you are still unsure, visit this page for information and guidance, or reach out to our team).

For a private deployment, there are two options:

1. A private instance hosted and maintained by Ellipsis Drive in a geographic location of your choosing.

2. A private instance hosted and maintained by your organisation, with Ellipsis Drive as support.

Both of these options are under license. Yearly cost depends on your storage volume.

A private instance hosted by Ellipsis Drive

In this case a new instance of Ellipsis Drive will be set up under its own network in a geographic location (or locations) of your choosing. The instance will be configured so that only your organisation - via your own network - can reach the instance. This adds an important layer of security, makes sure that you are compliant with regulations requiring you to store data within certain borders, and boosts upload speed.

In this case you would be the tenant of a solution maintained by Ellipsis Drive, secure and private for only your organisation.

A private instance hosted by you

You can also choose to host Ellipsis Drive yourself on your own Infrastructure (usually this option is considered when security requirements are more stringent). In case you are on AWS, Google Cloud Platfrom or Microsoft Azure you can set this up relatively easily, but in principle Ellipsis Drive can be set up in any cloud environment supporting docker containers. See our Installation guide for an overview of the basic architecture.

Our team's help and support is always included in the license fee, but keep in mind that Ellipsis staff cannot directly access your infrastructure unless your organisation provides them with the needed permissions.

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