🌐GIS professionals

As a GIS Specialist, you’re the brain that builds GIS databases and analyzes their contents. Ellipsis Drive unburdens you from database creation and maintenance, giving you more time to produce jaw-dropping analytics.

πŸ‘‡Here we list the guides and articles to run through in order to get the most out of Ellipsis Drive as your off-the-shelf spatial data management tool.

The basics

Quick start guide to familiarise yourself with Ellipsis Drive.

Beyond the basics!

Integration options for your stack/tools of choice. All packages can be found here: https://app.ellipsis-drive.com/integrate

Highlighted options:

QGIS: https://github.com/ellipsis-drive/qgis-plugin ArcGIS Pro: https://github.com/ellipsis-drive/arcgispro-addin ArcGIS: https://github.com/ellipsis-drive/arcgis-plugin OGC protocols: https://docs.ellipsis-drive.com/developers/api-v3/ogc-protocols

Give the glossary a read through!

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