8. Style your raster data

Once you have Raster Data uploaded to your drive, you can style the data the way you want
Ellipsis Drive offers you the ability to apply various styles to your spatial data.
Here's the video walking through the steps.
Once your raster data is uploaded and processed, the drive will suggest a default style (such as a simple RGB image) but you are welcome to customize this or add extras

To add a new style:

1️⃣ Open the layer in the VIEWER
2️⃣ Go to layer detail paneClick on STYLING
3️⃣ Navigate to the STYLING section under LAYER CONTROLS
5️⃣ Click on NEW STYLE
6️⃣ Give it a unique name
7️⃣ Choose a styling method from the dropdown
8️⃣ Adjust the method options
The map on the right side your screen shows a preview of what your data will look like based on your current settings. When you are satisfied, click SAVE STYLE.
TIP: When uploading i.e. classification, altitude, or measurement raster, it is best to upload them raw, rather than creating a visualization before uploading. When uploading them raw, the visualization remains flexible. Meaning that you can add multiple and also change them on the fly.
Learn more about raster styling methods here.