Integrate With ED

Ellipsis Drive makes it easy for you to integrate/embed the ED content into your application without any hassle.
Ellipsis Drive offers various options that you can choose from for a seamless integration with ED.

Integrate via API

You can build with our API to connect ED to your platforms. Here is the API documentation that contains information on the API endpoints, the data that can be sent and received, and the expected behavior of the API.
Authentication Methods
For the secure access of the data, the requests must be authenticated. Click here to know about the authentication options supported by ED
You can share your ED content with your client, audiences and partners by simply generating a sharable link.
Follow the steps below to share spatial data easily and quickly.
1️⃣ Create a folder in your Drive
2️⃣ Set the sharing status of folder to LINK SHARING
3️⃣ Create layers within the folder
4️⃣ Click on the folder context menu and select COPY SHARABLE LINK
5️⃣ Share the link with your clients, partners etc.

SDKs, Plugins & Packages

Click here to browse through the plugins and packages so as to choose the one that fits your need.
Run through this article to know how a layer can be integrated via OGC protocols.
Run through this article to know the steps for embedding ED viewer in your platform.