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Integration with existing storage

Your private Ellipsis Drive instance can connect with your own file storage and or databases. There is 2 ways to connect your existing storage to Ellipsis Drive

As file storage

You can connect your file server or bucket passive storage location for Ellipsis Drive. This means that files added to Ellipsis Drive can be stored on these media. On the other hand files that are stored on this media can be added to Ellipsis Drive without the need to upload them.
Ellipsis Drive will use these storage locations for file storage only, any active content or metadata will be stored internally within Ellipsis Drive.

As linked storage

Databases holding geometric data can be linked to Ellipsis Drive as well. In this case an Ellipsis Drive layer will be connected to a certain data base table. The Ellipsis Drive layer will directly read from and write to the designated table.
This live connection is currently available for PostgreSQL, BigQuery and PostGIS.
Layers of type "connection" are only available on private instances of Ellipsis Drive. Credentials can be configured and maintained by the organizations admin account to Ellipsis Drive.