5. Define user access level
The assigned access level defines which operations can be performed by the person with whom data has been shared. The table below lists all access levels that can be set by the owner of a folder or map and defines what each level means.
Access Level
Receiver will have access to visualizations of the data.
Receiver will have access to the raw data and is allowed to download it
Receiver will be able to make edits in the viewer. The user can add new features, messages or series data.
Full View
Receiver now also has access to explicitly restricted information, such as private properties of features.
The receiver can now manage the map in the settings dashboard. Add layers, upload files etc.
Receiver now has access to the file system itself. The receiver can add new maps, rename maps, move maps to another folder and even trash maps. The only restriction on admin users is that they are not able to permanently delete things. Only the owner of a map has this privilege and as such all actions of not-owner users an always be undone.
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