Getting started for Data Scientists

Ellipsis Drive is a valuable tool for Data scientists who work with spatial data. From providing an off-the-shelf data management solution and making it easy to query, all the way to creating fast visualizations and web services.
Down here, we list the guides and articles to run through in order to get the most out of Ellipsis Drive as your spatial data management tool.
1️⃣ Quick start guide to familiarize yourself with Ellipsis Drive.
2️⃣ Set up your organization to empower your Data Science team.
3️⃣ Create libraries to support your projects and activities.
4️⃣ Check out the Getting Started guide of the python package for Data Scientists
5️⃣ Visit the plugins page to find other packages that fit your preferences.
6️⃣ Learn the details of vector data visualization.
7️⃣ Learn the details of raster data visualization.