Getting started for GIS professionals

Ellipsis Drive is a valuable tool for GIS professionals. From providing a cloud-based data management solution that guarantees your team is in sync, to creating instant web services and empowering colleagues from other disciplines to access and use spatial data autonomously.
Here we list the guides and articles to run through in order to get the most out of Ellipsis Drive as your off-the-shelf spatial data management tool.
1️⃣ Quick start guide to familiarize yourself with Ellipsis Drive.
2️⃣ Set up your organization to empower yourself and your team.
3️⃣ Create libraries to support your projects and activities.
4️⃣ Connect your content to your tools of choice.
📌 Visit the Integrate tab to find packages and plugins that fit your tool preferences. 📌 With the QGIS and ArcGIS plugins you get quick and easy access to your Drive content and remain 100% in sync with colleagues, clients, and partners using that same data in their own platforms and tools of choice.
5️⃣ Run through the Glossary and become an Ellipsis Drive pro 😎