Getting started for Sales Representatives

Ellipsis Drive is a valuable tool for sales representatives throughout the sales process. From pre-sales and solution engineering, all the way to customer success and repeat sales.
Here we list the guides and articles to run through in order to get the most out of Ellipsis Drive as a sales enablement tool.
1️⃣ Quick start guide to familiarize yourself with Ellipsis Drive.
2️⃣ Set up your organization to empower your sales team with Ellipsis Drive
3️⃣ Create (sample) libraries to support your sales activities
4️⃣ Frictionless data delivery and customer success
5️⃣ Hyper secure data delivery and customer success
Fitting user personas
A categorization of user personas that are a good fit for ingesting and consuming spatial data via Ellipsis Drive are listed below. This will help you narrow down the accounts and prospects for whom Ellipsis Drive can enable your sales and customer success. 1. Organizations who need to make acquired data available for multiple people, teams, or organizations at the same time
2. Organizations who need to make acquired data available for multiple professional disciplines at the same time (such as data scientists, developers, GIS professionals or managers)
3. Organizations who are new to managing and/or using geospatial data
4. Organizations who want to enrich/fuse your data with other spatial datasets
5. Organizations who want to connect systems or applications to a streaming data solution